Saturday, October 17, 2009


These dish cloths are possibly the easiest and most versatile handmade gift we've seen. Their chunky texture and 100% cotton yarn make them great for many uses. Dish cloth, wash cloth, hot pad - they can do it all. Give them as wash cloths with soap or lotion for a pampering gift set. Or give a set of dish cloths with a copy of your favorite recipes for a new bride.

You can also include this little poem on the card or gift tag:
I’m a little dish cloth
To help you with your chores.
I scrub pots and pans and glass and plates
And ever so much more.
There really is no ending
To all the things that I can do,
And that’s why I was made with care
Especially for YOU!(This poem copyrighted by CopyCrafts - it may not be used for commercial purposes of any kind without express written permission.)

We've included links to our to our favorite patterns for beginners, but there are tons of variations to be found online if you want to get a little more creative.

Resources: knit pattern,
crochet pattern
Skills required: easy knitting, or easy crochet
Approximate time to craft*: 2 hours each
Approximate cost for supplies*: $.50 each
*Please remember that these are just approximations. CopyCrafts makes no guarantee of their accuracy.

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