Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Children just love exploring and adventures! In fact, every day our son begs us to do something “new” – I guess we’re not exciting enough for him! But what is more exciting than an African Safari?!

Treat your child to a Safari Adventure that can be enjoyed again and again. This Print and Play Felt Figure set includes: 1 explorer boy, 1 explorer girl, 1 canteen, 1 camera, 1 pair of binoculars, 1 jeep, 2 crocodiles, 2 hippos, 2 giraffes, 2 zebras, 2 elephants, 2 tortoises, 2 flamingos, 2 monkeys, 2 meerkats, 3 birds, 2 ostriches, 2 rhinos, 2 gazelles, 2 snakes, 2 lions, 2 cheetahs, and 1 tree.

Each figure is drawn by hand, and then digitally colored for vibrant colors. Just print the figures out onto iron-on transfer paper, iron onto felt, and cut out. It’s so easy, you might just decide to make a set for every kid you know!

Resources: www.copycrafts.etsy.com
Skills required: ironing and cutting
Approximate time to craft*: 1 hour
Approximate cost for supplies*: $10
*Please remember that these are just approximations. CopyCrafts makes no guarantee of their accuracy.

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