Monday, April 29, 2013


When I first showed this cute little trunk to John at the thrift store, he looked at me like I had lost my mind. I don't really blame him.  I mean, I enjoy the Twilight series as much as the next person - well, maybe not as much as some people (like the kind of person who would use this trunk, as is, to decorate their home).  But I love vintage style trunks, and with a price tag of $3, I told John to have a little faith in me, and promised him he would like it in the end.  I think I've fulfilled my promise.

I started by removing the hardware with a screwdriver.  The leather strips I left on.  Then I cut fabric to roughly the right size to cover a side and wrap over the top and bottom.  I covered that side of the trunk with Modge Podge, and smoothed the fabric over it.  Then I pushed the edges of the fabric under the leather strips with a flat head screwdriver.  I repeated this on all sides, and then replaced the hardware.  To cover the raw edges of the fabric on the inside and bottom, I glued in some black ribbon. 

Cost breakdown:  $3 for the trunk, $2 for the fabric (about 1/3 yard), and $1 for the ribbon, for a grand total of $6! 

Approximate time to craft*: 3 hours

Approximate cost for supplies*: $6
*Please remember that these are just approximations. CopyCrafts makes no guarantee of their accuracy.

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