Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Every year I like to have my son make a few gifts to give away for Christmas.  I like to think that it reminds him the holiday is not just about getting presents (whether this is successful is up for debate).  So I am always on the lookout for cute little ornaments my son can make, but that I wouldn't mind hanging on my tree (I'm sorry, maybe I'm a snob, but construction paper doesn't really do it for me).  This year I came up with this idea we could make together!  I did the sewing, and he did the decorating (the ornaments pictured are actual ornaments he made - I think they turned out really cute, especially for a 5-year-old).  They went together quickly, he had a blast, and they didn't cost anything - we just used stuff we already had.  In fact, this is the perfect craft to use up those odds and ends from previous projects that you have no idea what to do with, but can't bear to throw away.  Best of all, we're giving away the pattern and instructions for 8 ornament shapes for FREE.  Just click on the link below! 

Resources: Christmas Felties - Free ePattern
Skills required: easy sewing

Approximate time to craft*: 20 minutes for each ornament
Approximate cost for supplies*: free
*Please remember that these are just approximations. CopyCrafts makes no guarantee of their accuracy.

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