Tuesday, December 18, 2012



The kit rolls up into this cute little bundle.
As my son so joyfully reminded us this morning - only 6 days left until Christmas!  If you still have a couple hard to shop for people on your list, here is an easy and thoughtful idea:  a portable emergency kit.  The tutorial I found on Pinterest (thank you Pinterest!), and I've included a link to it below.  It went together very quickly, and I had everything I needed right at home (huge bonus).  This kit I made for my sister who is in college.  I filled it with things that a cute college girl might find very useful: hand sanitizer, chap stick, lip gloss, Kleenex, band-aids, cash, lotion, gum, and chocolate (seriously, I probably should have just filled the whole thing with chocolate).  You could adapt this idea for a mom with a new baby (fill it with baby essentials), or first aid essentials for just about anyone (great teacher idea too!).  As you are picking what to fill it with, my only tip is to think FLAT.  I originally had a whole pack of gum, and a bigger bottle of hand sanitizer, and I just couldn't get it to roll right.  This idea seems so versatile and useful - let me know what other ideas you have for filling these babies up!

Resources: Positively Splendid First-Aid Kit Roll Tutorial
Skills required: easy sewing
Approximate time to craft*: 1 hour  
Approximate cost for supplies*: $5-$10
*Please remember that these are just approximations. CopyCrafts makes no guarantee of their accuracy.

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